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Computer infrastructure typically consists of a collection of varied operating environments. While there may be a great deal of logic behind the drive to upgrade and thus bring these different systems into a single, united operating environment, the truth is, the cost is frequently prohibitive. Some business owners attempt to set up their own IT department to reduce these costs, only to realize that the price remains the same while they have acquired a few new employees on their payroll.

At Hurd Computer Consulting Service, LLC, I can use powerful integration techniques in order to safeguard your information systems and your infrastructure investment while simultaneously taking advantage of the very latest technologies. This allows me to achieve operating system integration at a fraction of the costs it would take someone less familiar with these processes.

Mixed computing environments offer the unique challenge of creating an accord between new and old, while maintain full performance in both. Hurd Computer Consulting Service, LLC can optimize performance through careful analysis of the existing infrastructure followed by selection, development, and application of the ideal operating system integration necessary to fulfill your data needs.

I have over 26 years of experience in networking, IT, and related tech and computer support work, with a long list of satisfied customers. Ensuring that my clients can continue their business development without being hampered by technical issues is an area I enjoy, and finding the perfect solution to a problem is my passion. I would love to bring my expertise to bear in determining the ideal configuration for your system.

At Hurd Computer Consulting Service, LLC, I have handled operating system integration, creating a stable interface between Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and more, for businesses throughout Phoenix. If you think your business could be doing better if it were a little more streamlined, you are probably right.

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